Country Love


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when words just aren’t enough…we turn to music. As the photos from the Coady wedding began to surface, I admit it, I was a bit giddy.This wedding struck a cord with me. Every time I look at these pictures I catch myself humming the old love songs of Garth Brooks and George Strait. I’m pretty sure there was some Randy Travis in there too…


Holly Robbins did a sensational job of capturing the essence of this special day. From the cowboy hats to the bridesmaids boots every detail of this perfectly southern celebration was captured. The photos are timeless and beautiful and if you look long enough I’m pretty sure you can feel the love actually pouring out of each frame.


Kelly and Will are such a lovely couple. I knew them both back in highschool and it makes my heart flutter to see these two so happy and so in love. They’re a perfect happy and hitched couple! Congrats you guys!


Couple: Kelly & Will Coady

Location: Starsville Plantation (Covington, GA)

Photographer: Holly L. Robbins


Words of Wisdom for Brides and Grooms from A Brides Best Friend Weddings & Events- xo

These tips are spot on! Great advice for any bride and groom.

A Brides Best Friend Weddings & Events


*Never look at a planner as an additional expense. Good planners work at creating business relationships with other industry professionals in order to obtain discounts for their clients (you). We pass on these savings directly to you. In most cases, you get back what you paid for your planning on items such as flowers, furniture rental, and decor.
 *Hire your planner FIRST. Understanding your theme, style, budget and overall feel for the wedding is imperative. Guidance from your planner is crucial when selecting your vendor lineup. Having a disconnect between the people you hire will be obvious on your big day. To ensure the cohesive look that you want, hire people with the same style and vibe. It also helps if they’ve worked together before.
 *Don’t settle for cheap. If it sounds like a duck, well… (you know how that goes). Be wary of cheap wannabe’s…

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