Give Her Chocolate, NOT a ring, this Valentine’s Day.

The week of candy hearts, boxed chocolates and ridiculously plush stuffed animals is upon us. There’s always a lot of chatter as Valentine’s Day approaches. Seemingly, it has become a day people either love or hate. Now, if you’re a die hard cupid fan…this isn’t meant to make you feel badly. You relish those 4 dozen roses and your 5 foot teddy.

No one really talks about how annoying and cheesy this day is because, well lets face it, I’m going to be thrilled if anyone wants to give me chocolate any day of the year. However, I do know that I’m not the only one, in fact I may actually be speaking for the majority of people over the age of 25, who become increasingly dismayed by this “holiday”.

The flowers, the sweets, the jewelry, the balloons…all of it is simply a product of expectation. I’m sorry, but in my book romance is sweetest when it’s least expected. I want my man to do these sweet little things for me when the moment strikes him…not because February 14th has rolled around again.

Now, I know there are lots of men out there who have purchased rings who are waiting on the perfect moment and the perfect day to present them to their future wives. Hear me…Valentine’s day is NOT that moment or time. There are 360 other perfect days for proposing. Pick one, pick any of them.

(Yes, I said 360 days. You’ll have to stay tuned for the other days on which not to propose.)

Every woman dreams of how her man will one day ask the most important question she’ll ever answer. We also dream of how we’ll re-tell that story to our girlfriends and the looks of awe and wonder we’ll receive as they realize how lucky we are and how perfect you are. That fantasy never includes “he proposed on Valentine’s Day”. Why??? Because it ultimately lacks any imagination at all!

I do realize, thanks to Youtube, the pressure to have an awesome proposal is becoming increasingly difficult. I’m not saying you have to plan a flash mob, or rent a helicopter, or to fly all of her relatives across the country to have them waiting on a mountaintop…none of that is necessary. What absolutely is mandatory though, a clearly thought out plan. It has to be special if only to the two of you. She has to know that you put in time and effort to make this one of the most special moments in her life.

Now with that being said, like any and every gal I love a bouquet and I especially love a truffle. If my man or your man or any person feels inclined to do something a little extra sweet this day…more power to them. I am NOT saying that I want all of you to boycott Valentine’s Day. Nor do I feel that you need to stroll around in black come Saturday. I want people to embrace the day for what it is: a silly and ultimately unimportant day that shouldn’t have any influence on your relationship status… Also, a day to devour all the cupcakes.

Ladies, realize if your fella is great at making you feel like the center of his universe that it simply doesn’t matter if he brings home a heart shaped box this weekend. If he does you scored a keeper. Also remember that if you wait till Monday all that candy will be on sale and that’ll make you 10x happier!

Jennifer Compton


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