A Spooktacular Wedding

Getting married on a holiday can be tricky business… I’m here to tell you, getting hitched on Halloween can be a mega treat!! 

I’ve got 3 Halloweddings under my belt, and every year my theory that  saying “I Do” on October 31st is not just a good idea… but a great one…has proven true! 

Patti and Matt seriously couldn’t have picked a better day to tie the knot. The decor was a delight and the venue was the perfect backdrop for this spectacular wedding. 

When you’ve got a great candy bar and open taps, none of your guests will be missing their trick or treat bags! 

With iconic horror flicks playing in the background and plenty of delicious food (uhm, who doesn’t love Tacos???) this was the best party in Atlanta.

One of the biggest perks of sharing your anniversary with a holiday are the built in decorations. 

Patti spent months collecting the perfect pieces and guests helped her to assemble the amazing bottles that adorned her tables. The bettlejuice inspired stripes were a stroke of genius. The bright colors and fun pieces made sure this monster bash would be memorable.  

I loved that this couple encouraged their guests to come in costume and it truly made for an awesome event. 

Happy Anniversay and Happy Halloween, Patti and Matt! 

Trick or Treat 

Love is Sweet

Photography: Sharma Shari

Venue: Sweetwater Brewery

Makeup: Katie Barnes (Howton)


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